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Mentors : Raghu Rai (Agency Magnum)

Rafique Sayed - Fashion Photographer

Dhritiman Mukherjee - Wildlife Photographer

Mario Marino - Portrait Photographer

CSCP is a photography school founded by the internationally renowned contemporary photo artist, Sounak Banerjee, who is an apprentice of the world famous Magnum photographer, Padmashree Raghu Rai. It boasts a distinguished faculty and a committed and high-achieving student body.

Today photography has taken a lead interest of many enthusiasts but lacking professional training and guidance, they are restricted from a complete evolving of their talents and confined to showcasing of their creativity to a very limited circle.

This is where CSCP comes in. It was founded with a view to realize the potentials present in these hidden talents by a professional and object oriented training, and to provide knowhow into gaining international exposure.

CSCP is a team of 200 plus , and it's primary focus is on the core development of its students and providing them with the required exposures. CSCP has produced many award winning artists in record time, and is critically acclaimed for it's quality of work. CSCP is much renowned for its class and accomplishments.


M A R I O  M A R I N O

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