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Mario Marino is an independent award winning Portrait photographer, austrian born and based in germany. One of the great humanists among the contemporary photographers. He has been photographing various peoples in their native lands since 2000. his work is exhibited in museums and galleries.

Central to his pictures is a fascinating portraiture in which he maintains an empathetic connection to his subjects. Each image conveys a sense of simple joy of being and living in our world.

“To me it’s essential to show the beauty and dignity of people.

Empathy, instinct and walking forward is the key to my work. I try to read people’s lives, the circumstances they live. I’m fascinated by their cultural background and identity”.

Mario Marino is a Honorary Member of the Calcutta School of Contemporary Photography.

Portrait Mario Marino.jpg

After a refreshing bath, the monk Samnang (98 years old) gets his daily eye cream from younger monks.

Cambodia, 2019.


His work is published in over 100 publications worldwide.


Aesthetica Magazine, ART Magazine, Actup Photo Magazine, Air Empire Aviation Magazine, Artnet, Art Now Pakistan, Art Collection & Design Magazine Taiwan, BBC, Badisches Tagblatt, Berliner Morgenpost, Berliner Zeitung, Blur Art Magazine, BM Zeit, Bold Magazine, Brennpunkt Magazine, British Journal of Photography, Capriccio, The Culture Trip, Colorfoto, Dailyphotonews, DIE NACHT, Dodho Magazine, Evening Standard, Factice Magazine, Fine Art Printer, Foto Magazine & Foto Magazine Edition, FotoHits, Foto Forum Magazine, Das Fotoportal, De Gelderlander, Gup Magazine, Hunger Magazine, Der Westen, Gulf  News, Islamic Arts Magazine, Gulf Today, Hole Magazine, Kölnische Rundschau, Kronen Zeitung, Kwerfeldein – Magazin für Fotografie, Life Force Magazine, Light Magazine, Leica LFI Magazine International, Leica M-Fotografie Magazine, L' Oeil de la Photographie, Living 360, F-Stop Magazine, Kulturexpresso, Kunstforum, Kulturpur Magazine, Main Post, ProPhoto, Professional Photographer, Me Magazin, Monopol Art Magazine, Muse Origins Magazin, Museums Magazin Museumtijdschrift, Mongolialive Magazine, Ninja Magazine, Noovo Magazine, Obsession Photo Magazine, Tagesspiegel, T.A.Z, The Open Magazine, Time Out Magazine,  Schön Magazine, SchwarzWeiss  Magazine, Shot Magazine, Sophot Magazine, Shadders Magazine, The National, The Telegraph, The Washington Post, The Guardian, The Royal Photographic Society, Notting Hill & Holland Park Magazine, National Geographic (Daily Dozen), NTV Online, Planet Art Magazine, Photogrvphy Magazine U.K, Photo Digitaal, Photo Magazine, Photo Presse PP10, PiB – Photography in Berlin, Pictorial - art buyers digest, PopMe Magazine, ProPhoto, Profi Foto, Photographie, Photonews, Photography - Now, PhotoZoom Magazine,  Prinz Magazine, Redeye, Ringfoto, The Independent, Terra Mater Magazine, The World News, The Wall Street Journal, Salzburger Nachrichten, Satellite Magazine, Welt, Tabula Rasa Zeitung für Gesellschaft & Kultur, The Work Style Magazine, Umno Magazine, Victor Magazine, Vogue, 365 OneWorld Magazine, Weltkunst Magazine, Westdeutsche Allgemeine Zeitung, WestEast Magazine, World Traveller Magazine, Die ZEIT online . . .


Camel Traders, Mauritania, 2021.



Fotomagazine Germany

Book of the Month, Buch des Monats.

"Die Magie des Augenblicks". Mario Marino ist einer der großen Humanisten unter den Fotografen.

Mario Marino is one of the great humanists among the photographers.

Magazine PHOTOGRAPHIE Germany 

"Die Magie des Augenblicks".

Menschen und Situationen wirklich nahezukommen, macht dieses Buch zu einem Erlebnis.

Getting close to people and situations makes this book an experience.

ProfiFoto Magazine Germany

Buch des Monats. Book of the Month,

"Die Magie des Augenblicks".

Mario Marinos Porträts strotzen vor Empathie...

Mario Marino's portraits are bursting with empathy ...

Fotohits Magazine Germany

Die Magie des Augenblicks.

Ein einfühlsames Buch. A sensitive book.

LFI Leica Magazine GermANY

"The Magic of the Moment".

With this large-format volume, the Austrian photographer concludes a long - term project. He has been pursuing over the course of servaral years.

Bold Magazine, Germany

Interview Mario Marino Photographer & Artist

NTV TV, germany

mit dem Buch " DIE MAGIE DES AUGENBLICKS"gibt Mario Marino ein Buch heraus, das in seiner ganzen Art kaum seinesgleichen finden dürfte: Wertig, warmherzig und würdevoll.

With the book "THE MAGIC OF THE MOMENT," Mario Marino publishes a book that is unlikely to find its equal in all its kind: valuable, warmhearted, and dignified

Kulturexpresso Germany

Der bombastische Bildband „Die Magie des Augenblicks“

The bombastic illustrated book "The magic of the moment"

Magazine Photogrvphy U.K

"The Magic of the Moment" 

Mario Marino is one of the most passionate and talented portrait photographers of our time...













Amsterdam, Basel, Berlin, bejing, Birmingham, Bradford, Bristol, Brusells, Cologne, Dresden, Dubai, Düsseldorf, Edinburgh, Essen, Frankfurt am Main, Geneva, Gent, Hall, Karlsruhe, Königswinter, London, Miami, Munich, Nijmegen, North Wales, Palm Beach, Paris, Poznan, Salzburg, Stuttgart, Tokyo, Stockholm, Würzburg.












































A Survivor of the Pol Pot Regime, Cambodia, 2019.

140 x 110 cm, Diptychon.

6 Kopie.jpg

The Estate of Pol Pot (1925 - 1998), Cambodia, 2019.

140 x 110 cm, Diptychon.

Blind Mother with her Children, Ethiopia, 2011.


A young novice separated from his family. On his own in the new community

of the monastery in the north of Kathmandu, Nepal, 2012.


© Collection MARIO MARINO 2024

M A R I O  M A R I N O


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