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Children of the World - Stunning portraits of children from all over the world - The latest series of portraits by Mario Marino, an independent, award-winning portrait photographer and one of the great humanists among photographers - Includes a foreword by a well-known children's author about what it means to be a child A joyful and poignant collection of photographs of children from around the world by Mario Marino. This homage to the future of humanity (and our planet) captures the laughter and joy of children, but also their insecurities and fears. The sense of trust between the subject and the photographer is evident, as if they had known each other for years. The photographs are imbued with this gift of trust, and of mutual respect, resulting in images that are moving, often humorous, and always eloquent. The internationally renowned and award-winning photographer Mario Marino has been traveling the world with his camera for several decades and has long been considered a luminary in the field of portrait photography. His previously published books of portrait photography from Africa and India have won several prizes. Empathy and instinct is key to my work. I try to read people's lives, the circumstances in which they live. I am fascinated by their cultural background and identity. Mario Marino. Coming soon August 2022.


M A R I O  M A R I N O


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